Out Past the Brazos

A Jack King Mystery

J Guy Stuart





painting by Tammy Werner

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT…or at least asked really nicely, “Out Past the Brazos, A Jack King Mystery” is now available as a paperback! You can now get it on Amazon as an E-Book for $2.99 or as a printed paperback for $9.95!

Out Past the Brazos

Jack King is a retired Texas Ranger and former sheriff of Sweetwater, Texas.
He now lives in the small town of Chance with his dogs Frank and Jesse. When he was sheriff, he was responsible for catching the West Texas Reaper, one of the most notorious serial killers in the southwest.

After catching the Reaper, Jack joined the Texas Rangers and served for 16 years in Fort Worth and Houston before returning to west Texas.

Now, almost 20 years after he first started killing, the famed, lost second graveyard of the West Texas Reaper has been discovered out in the abandoned oil fields of Stonewall County.

Hoping to finally be free of the burden the Reaper placed on his life, Jack heads out to the graveyard hoping to put the matter to rest. But there, he finds something he never expected…

Out Past the Brazos book

Out Past the Brazos is available on Amazon books today!

The Tail Waggers Book Club

The Tail Waggers Book Club

The Tail Waggers Book Club would love to feature your pet with a copy of Guy’s book! Post a pic of your pet on the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/jguystuartauthor/ – for publication.

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J Guy Stuart, Author - Out Past the Brazos

Guy Stuart is an author who lives in Greensboro, NC. He currently is working on crime fiction set in West Texas where he lived for almost 10 years.

His first novel, “Out Past the Brazos, A Jack King Mystery” comes out in May. He hopes to have a second Jack King novel done by the end of the year.

When not writing, Guy works for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is the sole means of support for two very demanding dogs.

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